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Dallas Bjornson

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PE - Gr, 4,5,8,9 Social - 7,8,10 CTS 9 Health 9

Phone: 780 494 3510

My name is Dallas Bjornson. I have been a teacher at Hines Creek Composite for six years. I teach social studies from grade 7-11. I also teach P.E. and health occasionally. I am a fairly understanding person who tries to show students multiple perspectives on issues. I offer students respect and expect it to be reciprocated. I prefer people to be honest and accountable. 

My favorite aspect of the job is helping students think on a larger scale than what they are used to. To help them understand  interconnectedness and the impact they have on the world. 

The best parts about being at Hines Creek Composite are the students who work hard to do their best and meet goals we have for them and they have for themselves. The other part is getting to know the students, parents and grandparents of the people in our building. I love the ability to talk to old Hines Creek alums and then talk to a younger student who spent the day on the farm with his family. 

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